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Work Experience for Students – 2022

Unfortunately we do not have any work experience placements available at our firm in 2022.

We only have limited resources to offer work experience and we have decided that we will offer the limited number of places to university Law degree students, rather than school students, because:

  • undergraduates need the experience as part of their training regime
  • they understand the matters they work with because of their studies
  • clients can accept an undergraduate sitting in on a meeting but are less comfortable with a school student
  • some of our cases can be upsetting e.g. child care matters
  • undergraduates are more likely to work unsupervised
  • it is an opportunity for us to spot undergraduates who may progress with the firm and gain a training contract

We are sorry that we cannot help school aged students with work experience.

If you are an undergraduate, or postgraduate, and you are interested in work experience (usually one or two weeks in the summer) please send your CV with a covering letter to our Office Manager, Alistair Williams.

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