Dispute resolution is the modern name given to civil litigation and refers to civil legal disputes between people and/or companies. It also states more clearly what we and most clients are seeking to achieve, namely settling disputes that arise from time to time.

Businesses want their disputes resolved as quickly as possible and without unnecessary time consuming meetings or expense. That is the way we approach our matters and we try to engage constructively with our opponents, where possible.

We can advise you regarding your dispute. Our aim is to advise you of the merits of your claim at the earliest possible point so that you can make an informed decision on how to proceed.

If for any reason your dispute is very specialist or is outside the scope of what we do, we can point you in the direction of someone more suitable to represent you.

Please note that we do not undertake personal injury, clinical negligence, or criminal courts work, but can recommend other lawyers if needed.

Meet our Dispute Resolution team

Our Dispute Resolution Team