Domestic Abuse

A big thanks to you all for your hard work in bringing my case to a successful conclusion. I'm so grateful to all of you for coping with me in this difficult situation and for everything you did for us as a family. I wish you every good success in the work that you do in this difficult area in keeping our families and children safe from harm in the world we live in. Once again thank you so much for all that you have done for us as a family.

It is a crime for anyone to assault or harass you, whether or not they are a partner or family member. The police are now well trained in this area and can use the criminal law to assist you.

It is also possible to obtain assistance from the Civil Courts by applying for an injunction.

Our Family Team are experienced in these matters. They can advise you of your options, and guide and assist you on using other services such as the police to help you remain safe.

Domestic abuse can also lead to other issues such as the occupation of your house and most importantly the care of your children.

If you have any issues regarding domestic abuse please contact us for an appointment.

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