Advice for Elderly Clients

I would like to thank you so much for the care you have taken since first meeting Mum and me last October. I am so glad you met her because it made it much more personal and I would strongly suggest that people do that with their parents. It made such a difference to Mum that you had made the effort to meet her. What a shame it ended so soon after that meeting. Thank you for your professionalism, prompt replies and attention to detail.

If you or a loved one is considering care options, we provide a complete range of services specifically for the older client from long term care planning and asset protection to Living Wills and Powers of Attorney.

You may be considering care options for you or a loved one, and may be worried about the cost of care in the future, or about the £72,000 ‘elderly care cap’. Many clients are concerned about being able to protect their home if they need residential nursing care, and we can advise on what funding options are available as well as how to plan for them.

Selling your home to pay for care is not the only option – there are other ways that it may be possible to protect your home for your loved ones. Please talk to us before you take any action in order for us to provide best legal advice.

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For help with your query, please call Sue Chappell or Karen Slatter in our wills, trusts & probate department.