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Our Values

Our firm’s objectives are based around our four core values of Excellence, Empathy, Integrity and Community.

Client Care Objectives

  1. Welcome clients into our firm’s community and develop prosperous working relationships.
  2. Treat all our clients and contacts with kindness, respect and understanding.
  3. Offer practical solutions to legal problems to achieve the best long-term results.
  4. Give expert technical advice in a clear, understandable and jargon-free way.
  5. Be open and transparent about possible outcomes, managing expectations throughout.
  6. Be attentive to client needs, respond to correspondence and telephone calls in good time and keep all parties updated
  7. Respond to client feedback and engage with our clients to give them confidence and trust to work with us in the future.
  8. Charge a fair and reasonable price, reflective of the quality and nature of the service provided, with a clear breakdown of fees and associated costs.
  9. Safely handle, store and protect personal client data and sensitive and private information.
  10. Signpost clients to relevant support services or our network of local professionals for advice, where appropriate.

Staff Objectives

  1. Create a positive, inclusive atmosphere to nurture genuine friendships between colleagues of all levels
  2. Promote a healthy work-life balance and assist with each other’s workloads to ensure everyone’s time is managed effectively.
  3. Support good mental health and burnout prevention through wellness initiatives.
  4. Operate an open-door policy, so staff can discuss professional or personal issues with colleagues and managers
  5. Provide technology and resources to enable staff to work comfortably, both in the office and from home.
  6. Offer support, training, and mentorship from colleagues who are experts in their fields
  7. Outline a clear path for progression to enable all staff to build rewarding and sustainable long-term careers.
  8. Inspire staff to pursue relevant specialist qualifications to aid their professional development and achieve their career goals.
  9. Recognise and praise hard work and celebrate each other’s professional and personal successes.
  10. Encourage participation in charity, networking, social and community events.

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