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Divorce Without Judges?

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Divorce Without Judges?

Separating couples who intend to issue divorce proceedings usually go to see their solicitors to do so. The divorce process is carried out by their local County Court. However last week Sir James Mumby who is the President of the Family Division and the most senior Family Judge in England and Wales questioned whether this was necessary.

Whilst we are not entirely sure what he meant by this it may mean that you could register your divorce in the same way that you currently register your marriage.

The positive side of this is that Mumby suggested that the time had come to remove any question of fault as a basis for divorce. Currently one of the parties has to “blame” the other for the breakdown unless they wish to wait for a divorce on the grounds of two years’ separation. Mumby’s suggestion may remove this.

Mumby is fond of making these kind of dramatic statements and all we can say is watch this space!

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