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Three top considerations for all small businesses with employees

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Three top considerations for all small businesses with employees

Taking on new employees can make a huge difference to the growth and development of a small business. Employers do often have concerns about expanding their numbers of employees, and particularly when recruiting their first employee. These common concerns can be addressed at the outset of the employment relationship and often pave the way for a smooth and successful relationship going forwards.

  1. What would you do if a senior employee decided to leave? Under statute an employee only needs to give their employer one week notice to terminate their employment contract. Would this give you enough time to recruit a replacement?
  1. Is your sensitive business information adequately protected if employees are accessing it from their own devices? If your information is lost or misused you may get into trouble with the Information Commissioner or your competitors may gain an unfair advantage over you.
  1. How would your business be affected if a departing employee took clients and contacts from your business? There is no statute or provision under common law that prevents an employee leaving employment and contacting all of your clients. You can only try and control this via very specific and carefully drafted Restrictive Covenants. Would you be able to find additional clients and supplier contacts quickly enough to repair the damage of losing a number to a departing employee?

All of the above concerns can be addressed, and your business protected by entering into a carefully drafted contract of employment with all of your employees. Crane & Staples’ specialist Employment Team can assist you in effectively protecting your business. To arrange an appointment please telephone the Employment Department on 01707 387075.

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