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A degree of Certainty in an uncertain world

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A degree of Certainty in an uncertain world

One question to ask yourself is now that you have had a Will written, do your executors know that you have written one, and if so, where it can be found?

If they are not aware of your wishes then how can they will be followed?

Many people write Wills but do not tell their beneficiaries. Even if you have told them, is the information in your Will up to date?

You may be interested to know about a new service that we are pleased to offer our clients who have a Will, either with us, or held elsewhere.

Certainty, the National Will Register, is the Law Society's endorsed provider of a national Will Register. Crane & Staples has now joined the register so that if you have a Will (irrespective of whether you have your Will stored with us, lodged at your bank or kept under the bed at home), it can be recorded on the register so that it can be found and your last wishes followed. Details contained within the Will are not disclosed, merely the fact that you have made a Will.

One of the benefits of registration is that it if beneficiaries and executors are unaware that you have written a Will or forget where it's located, it can be easily found by conducting a Will Register Search.

If you wish to have your Will registered with Certainty, please be assured that its existence and location are confidential. Only when you have passed away can the location be revealed. Even then, it will be disclosed only when the person searching for your Will has a genuine, bona fide interest and that person can provide a copy of your death certificate.

If you would like to discuss the registration of your Will with Certainty please contact one of the Private Client team who can provide more details.

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