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BE SCAM AWARE – cold calls offering Wills and Trusts

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BE SCAM AWARE – cold calls offering Wills and Trusts

Hertfordshire Trading Standards is warning residents to exercise great caution if they are called out of the blue by a firm offering wills and trusts.

A lady in Welwyn Garden City was told by a firm last week, that the Community Care Act would allow the Local Authority to take her home in order to pay for care. However, the firm said that they could help to keep those assets away from the council by putting them into a trust. As they had a rep in the local area, they could pop in and give advice that very day. However, as the lady was suspicious and asked them who they were and what paperwork they could send her, they decided to hang up!

The situation on paying for care is an individual one and putting assets into a trust is no guarantee that they will not be taken into account by the Local Authority if required. Please do not give in to any scare tactics by a cold caller who wants to find out all about your finances but if it is something that concerns you, please find a local solicitor and take full legal advice on this complex matter.

If you or a vulnerable family member has signed up to this potential scam, please contact the Citizen’s Advice Consumer Service on 03454 040506 for advice.

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