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Don’t leave looking after your loved ones to chance

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Don’t leave looking after your loved ones to chance

There have been lots of articles in the media recently regarding the lottery. We all hoped that we would be successful in winning the £44 million lottery pot but even our Crane & Staples syndicate wasn’t lucky. Actually chances of any of us becoming lottery millionaires are 1 in 10 million, so given those statistics it is highly unlikely we will win. However, what shouldn’t be left to chance is making a Will.

Unfortunately, death happens and we shouldn’t leave looking after our loved ones to chance.

By making a Will, you are able to appoint people who can manage your affairs, pay your final bills and close your bank accounts and sell your property. If you have children under the age of 18 you can also appoint Guardians to look after them. You decide who inherits - this could be your family, other relatives, friends, and even charities. Without a Will, the law decides who benefits from your estate and don’t forget this could be your fourth cousin twice removed who you’ve never met!

If you have a change in personal or financial circumstances, such as receiving an inheritance, getting married or divorced, having children, or if you have business assets, you should consider making a Will.

Making a Will is a straightforward process. You should seek professional advice so that you can decide who inherits.

Why don’t you make this year the year that you come in and see us to make your Will, or to review how appropriate it is now.

Here at Crane & Staples we are a Law Society WIQS accredited firm and as such we are a firm that follows best practice procedures and meets high standards of technical expertise in accordance with the WIQS Client Charter.

Don’t leave your estates to chance, your estates and family are not a game of chance, make a Will and ensure that they are looked after.

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