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Selling a Care Home Business: Blossom Group

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Selling a Care Home Business: Blossom Group

Manish Patel and David Hughes have recently completed on a complex commercial matter involving selling a care home business. This case summary is shared with the kind permission of all parties.

Our specialist Commercial Property solicitor, Manish Patel, has acted for the care home group, Blossom Group, since 2017.

Over the last six years, he has assisted the business with the acquisition of numerous care homes in England.

Case Summary

The Transaction

Multi-million pound share sale of the group’s largest care home.

The Parties

This high value, multifaceted transaction was a success due to the team driven, proactive, collaborative, and commercial approach taken by the parties involved:

Our Role

Manish and David advised on all property, business and corporate aspects of the share sale.

This included:

  • Dealing with the buyer, AgeCare UK, and their lender’s extensive business and property due diligence;
  • Advising our client on the warranties and undertakings;
  • Review, negotiation and approval of the share purchase agreement and associated corporate documents.

Buying or selling a care home business

Buying or selling a care home business in England and Wales is an intricate legal process. It involves careful due diligence and disclosure, healthcare regulations, as well as detailed drafting and negotiation of the appropriate sale documentation, together with dealing with complex bank security documentation. These matters also involve dealing with regulatory bodies such as the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and the Local Authority.

If you are considering selling, purchasing, or refinancing a care home business, our expert business and commercial property solicitors would be pleased to assist you.

Please contact us on 01707 329333 or email for assistance with buying, refinancing or selling a care home business.

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