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SKYPE appointments for your Wills now available

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SKYPE appointments for your Wills now available

Crane and Staples is pleased to announce that they are trialing appointments for Wills via Skype thus removing the need for clients to visit the office during normal working hours and instead instructing the firm via the internet.

Erica Pearce-Howard of the Private Client Department believes that Skype enables the firm to adapt to people’s needs and changing lifestyle, which means they cannot always come into the office between 9am and 5pm or indeed they may require a home visit but if they have access to the internet we can chat to them in the comfort of their home or office.

Erica says “our research has shown that people are asking for more flexibility in the way we offer our services and appointments.  Skype offers clients the opportunity to speak to either myself or my colleague Samantha Webb as though they were in the office but from the comfort of their home or office”.

Of course, clients looking to make or revise a Will still have the option to come into the office or have a home visit if preferred.  It is not intended for Skype to replace our traditional service at all as we know that some people do want and are able to come in to see us in person.

Erica says “if we have any doubt as to the capacity or vulnerability of our client, or we have suspicions of undue influence, then we will not continue with the Skype appointment and we will ensure that the usual precautions of a visit in person or indeed a capacity report from a suitably qualified medical practitioner is undertaken”.

Once the initial appointment has been carried out the rest of the work can be undertaken via email, letter or telephone.  Clients can opt to come into the office to sign their Will or have the document sent to them with signing instructions prior to returning to us for checking.

At present this service is only available to clients making appointments with either Erica Pearce-Howard or Samantha Webb in the Private Client Department but if successful it may be rolled out to other areas in the firm.

Given that only one third of the adult population has a Will, Erica hopes that this new trial service will encourage those who have put off making a Will due to time constraints to finally take action and ensure they give themselves and their family peace of mind.

If you are interested in making an appointment (either by Skype or in the office) please contact Erica or Samantha on 01707 387074.

Erica Pearce-Howard, Private Client Department

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