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Why are there delays at the Probate Registry?

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Why are there delays at the Probate Registry?

There are currently unprecedented delays in the issuing of Grants of Probate at the Probate Registries.

We understand that there is an approximate three-month wait, and as of June 2019, there are still 35,000 pending applications.

Why the delay?

The Probate Courts say that the main reason for the delay is the implementation of a new database and the resulting technical glitches.

However, there have also been significant Government cuts to the service. This includes the closure of some district Registries.

Additionally, due to the recent proposed increases in fees by the Government, there has been a huge surge in probate applications. While the new structured proposal has been put on hold due to Brexit, this has placed additional pressure on the Probate Registries, as people seek to get their applications in as soon as possible and avoid the increase in fees.

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