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Settlement Agreements for Employees

We regularly advise employees on the terms and effect of settlement agreements being offered to them, as their independent legal adviser.

We will ensure that you are happy with what is being offered and, if you wish, we can negotiate the terms of your settlement agreement with your employer.

We are generally able to see clients at short notice. If you are not local to our firm or are not able to come in for an appointment, we can conduct your appointment over the telephone or Skype.

Employers usually offer a modest contribution towards your legal fees (usually £250 – £500 plus VAT). We aim to minimise our legal fees so that they fall within the contribution amount, although there is often a small excess for the client to pay. Should you require us to negotiate the terms of the settlement agreement , or do anything further than simply providing advice on the terms of the agreement and signing it, then our fees will not be covered by the contribution and our invoice will be directed to you.

Whether your meeting is face to face or by phone or Skype, it would be useful if you could let us see copies of the following at our meeting:

  1. *The settlement agreement;
  2. *Your passport or photocard driving licence or national ID card. Please bring to our first meeting. If we aren’t going to meet, please email or fax a copy certified by a solicitor of the document as soon as possible;
  3. *A recent utility bill (not more than three months old) – gas/water/electricity or Council tax, or a recent bank statement/HMRC coding notice. If we aren’t meeting then this must also be certified by a solicitor;
  4. Your contract(s) of employment and/or any documents varying your contract;
  5. If you have shares or equity options the rules of the scheme and a schedule of your holdings (if applicable);
  6. Any correspondence/emails etc between you and your employer concerning the decision to terminate your employment;
  7. Your completed copy of a short questionnaire, which we will send you when you book an appointment.

*These items are compulsory and we would need to see these in order to advise you.

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