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Children Law

Following the breakdown of a relationship, you will want to consider arrangements for your children. If you need any support and assistance, our Family Law team can advise you.

Most couples reach agreement about where children live and how both continue to look after their children after separation without seeking legal advice.

However, explaining the legal responsibility of parents towards their children can often help parents make these arrangements. We can assist you with non Court based solutions including mediation and collaborative law.

In some cases a parent may make an application to the Court. If this is necessary the Court can decide where children live as well as other matters such as where they should go to school or whether they are allowed to leave the UK to live abroad.

All of our family lawyers are experienced in dealing with children issues. Sian Churchill is a Resolution Accredited Specialist in Public and Private Children Law. Janet Martland and Lilas Kayani are members of the Law Society’s Children Panel. This is a specialist Panel and being a member of it is reserved for those who have significant experience and have obtained a further level of qualification.

If you require any assistance in relation to children matters please contact us for an appointment.

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