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Collaborative Law

Traditionally separating couples each take independent advice from their own family solicitor. They attempt to negotiate matters and if this fails they resort to Court.

There is now another alternative. This is the collaborative process. Your solicitor has to be specifically trained as a collaborative lawyer. Sharon Montgomery has been trained by Resolution as a collaborative lawyer.

In this process the separated couple still retain their own solicitor to advise them and support them. However the negotiation takes place in meetings where both parties and their solicitors try to work out the best solution. The process is client driven.

This process can be significantly quicker than other methods and is likely to be significantly less expensive than Court.

It is important to know that not all cases are suitable for the collaborative process. You must wish to participate in it, understand how important it is to be honest about your assets, and you must also agree not to go to Court.

If you are interested working collaboratively with your former partner to reach a solution please contact Sharon Montgomery for an appointment.

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